Thursday, December 10, 2015

Let's Be Honest (Confessions of a New Mom)

Just over a year ago I had a beautiful baby boy who weighed 8lbs 13oz whom the docs delivered early because they expected him to end up a 10lb baby!  I know I passed out too.  None the less after having him my husband and I knew we weren't ready for anymore children so with the new baby and the fact we had a 9year old along with running from place to place I decided to get the Depo shot.  Well let me tell you HUGE mistake.  I'm 5ft and have always been petite so when the doc said the shot could possibly put on a few pounds I was cool with that.  But of course as women in our mind we decipher all the places we'd like that fat to go.  Well unfortunately, that fat went straight to my stomach.  To the point I look preggers more so now then I did a month after having my son.  Needless to say it has been devastating for me because I LOVE CLOTHES! And lets just say the way my current wardrobe fit not even "fat management" undergarments are working. I switched my diet and finally decided the shot will not work for me (unfortunately it took me 8 months to figure that out) and as of yet nothings working.  I even resulted to working out which I loath but it does have it's benefits in other places but still not in the belly bulge.  And I know what your thinking, yes I took a pregnancy test and no I'm definitely not pregnant. I thought by now after having my son I would get back to feeling beautiful again as a women should after she's giving birth.  Don't get me wrong I'm not one to base my annoyance with my body on what others think, but rather how I feel when I get dressed. How many women have a baby and suffer from shredding that baby belly?  I don't want to look up and my son is 5 and I still have a huge muffin Although I recognize I'm still beautiful, it doesn't change the fact that my belly is a problem.  Until next time you MOMS ROCK!

Friday, October 23, 2015

What's going on!

So my blog post have pretty much been non existent, and it's definitely not because I haven't been working.  Fashion has always been my passion, but for years I suffered from low self esteem and when I became free from that I guess you can say my blog was formed.  But I still felt empty like something was missing.  Growing up young girls would always gravitate to me and somehow they ended up in my life and me serving as a mentor of some sort to them.  Let's fast forward, within the last year I officially started working with young girls every Saturday through my church.  My class focus is helping these young girls deal with those issues that cause low self esteem, and we also develop a plan of how we can battle those same issues to help them become the best and look absolutely stunning while doing it.  So this year I decided to just jump out there on faith and start my own business (The Fashon Clinic)  no I didn't spell it wrong my company name does not have an i in Fashon.  At first it was an error but then I realized my business is not fashion focused but rather the total female focus so the hiccup was nothing more then God's plan for my business name.  Still in the works and developing the full curriculum for this business, I've finally found my purpose and you can be sure to hear all about it right here on my blog.  So stay tuned and take this journey with me to help our young girls become "whole", beautiful minded, confident, giving, and loving women. Until next time MUAH!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015


It's the summer, and you get that last minute call from your beau to hit the road so you guys can soak up some sun.  Wait! But you don't have a bag packed, you haven't planned your outfits out.  What is a girl to do? Well here are some summer essentials or better yet my must haves that I always keep on hand just in case I get that call.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


 When you've lived your life afraid to be yourself and be true to what you believe in, you slowly chip away at your passion and purpose.  But to finally get to a place where you respect who you are is so FREAKING FREEING!!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Some people wait their entire lives to be who they want to be.  When all along God has already put in you the gifts needed to be GREAT!

Monday, June 1, 2015


I spent so much of my life critiquing what I didn't like about myself, that I started to become someone I couldn't even recognize. Then one day by the grace of God, I discovered self love and it changed my entire world.  I begin to believe in something deeper, and what I discovered was a beauty so pure and humble that who I am and who I was becoming was finally clear.